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Install requirements: Jailbreak iPad, with Cydia installed. Installation: a) Start cydia; b) goto manage->Sources; c) Add the following source. DosPad Beta is recommended. Some facts that your may want to know: Based on DOSBOX 0.74; Kudos to DOSBOX team for making this possible!
COPY command can copy a hyper-linked file. For example, c:\> copy A bullt-in UNZIP command can unzip the files you just downloaded. NOTE: The zip file name should either be all upper case or all lower case. c:\> unzip Automatically mount /var/mobile/Documents as disk C. So if you know how to SSH to your iPad, you probably can transfer a large set of files inside this directory. Troubleshooting Please make sure your game can run in desktop dosbox first! If you have error during installation, try to remove the previous version before installing update version. If dospad doesn't show up after install, you may need to reboot your device. If you can't launch games or game can't be saved, please check the permission of game files, and make sure dospad has write permission to them. You can use iFile from Cydia to apply permission change to a folder recursively. (by DA Dzi)
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