How to use it

Tap any button to read a message or go to a new page
Tap 'OK' to close a dialogue box
To go back, tap the device Back button, or PreviousScreen, or (Local) Control, or QUIT.
To use the keyboard: swipe from a clear edge or rotate into portrait mode.
To lose the keyboard, swipe again from a clear edge, or use device Back.
In the modules (flashcards) there is a RapidFire button - the same button presses Test then Answer then Test and so on. Ditto with Learn.
If you get a Runtime Error, press OK - it is normally not serious. If it won't go away, restart the app.
Sometimes it says 'Not available in this version' or 'Where is the file...?' They mean the same, I am afraid, you need to upgrade for all the links to work.
Browse the Introduction and Tutorial; use the context-sensitive Help

How to use it
Any way you like!
One way to begin: you can take the tests.
If you are correct and quick, the system will invite you to jump to the next test. If you are slow and incorrect, the system will not suggest taking the next test. You will see all the correct answers at the end of 1,2,3 or 4 tests.
Then look at the results: the correct answers are listed, and at the bottom of the screen are buttons to explain the answer and give you a link to study in more detail. In the Free version these links are not live. Then go to the Control Screen and tap Your Level. This will take your scores and give you an approximate level and study plan for that level. Report will give a short summary of your possible problems - this could be useful for a teacher. You can then use the Tenses, Full, or Business version of TutorScreens to work on that study plan, and the next level after that.
Or you can begin on an area you have difficulty with, maybe the Tenses. Choose Grammar, and then Tense Comparisons - in the free version, not all options are live
Or you can begin by looking at Favourite Mistakes. Or... Or...

Audio was not easy back in 1992 so there is very little on TutorScreens. We are planning more for Subscription AudioTexts.
Ditto graphics. If you have a problem with one of the maps (it's probably out of date anyway), close the app and restart.
Runtime Errors are part of life with DosBox on Android. See above.
Anything else? Close and restart - it'll probably be gone. If not, please email us.

Of course, please. What you like, what you don't like, what you would like to see - all of interest.

How is it special?
1. The programmer and the English teacher were the same person, so the teacher knew where it would be helpful to make a tense example live, and the programmer knew how to do it.
2. TutorScreens is hypertext, with links to jump you to a related topic, a dialogue example, or a grammar explanation. This helps you to understand and remember - like a mind-map of English
3. The material is selected carefully. Not all the Phrasal Verbs are there because only some are difficult AND common. The Irregular Verbs are grouped by order of importance to the learner, and the way they are practised is contextual not parrot! The Idioms are selected so that while a listener may be surprised that you know them, they will not laugh at their use.

Unique, incredible, self-study app. It has to be seen to be believed! Look at the Contents page...

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Help for Windows

First check the FAQs and the Videos

Installation problems with Windows?

Some users find that they are missing a file to run the installer - this file is best downloaded from Microsoft:

32 bit:
64 bit:

Some users find their Norton (Symantec) product is showing a False Positive for the TutorScreens files. This page will show you how to tell Norton you want these files. (We are in the process of Whitelisting our files with Norton)