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A brilliant way to improve your English or French
or Spanish, Italian & German, to

- boost your comprehension and to
- transform your spoken language!

to the sample below - part 1 is about 13 minutes

Download transcript and translation (doc) and audio (mp3) Part I: £4.99 Parts I-IV £9.99. For printed booklet of document contact us at
(For students of English this material provides the audio element impossible on TutorScreens - which is why it is on the TutorScreens website.)

Here you have a small sample of this unique material. What makes it unique is:-

What it is -
It is a collection of phrases, sentences and expressions selected statistically from everyday conversation

and what it is not -
It is not a phrase book - although there are some phrases you can use in specific situations
It is not a book of idioms - although a lot of the language is colloquial
It is not a vocabulary book - although it contains 90% of everyday vocabulary
It is not a grammar book - although it uses most of the grammar you'll need in everyday situations
It is not a series of lessons - the level stays the same throughout - normal, colloquial, everyday language, roughly grouped by subject

And how you use it
You use the translation to be sure of the meaning
Listen attentively to the whole phrase, and
Copy it as if you were imitating someone, at the same time as you
Imagine a situation you might use it in, and imagine you are in that situation.

You just have time to copy the phrase aloud quickly before the next one (it gets easier), but of course anytime you can stop and concentrate on one phrase, changing perhaps the person or the verb or the tense, and so on. Play. Have fun!

This is just a small sample - Part I, II, III and IV last almost an hour!
Listen to the sample - click on the desired language and then scroll down to see the text as you listen...

Detailed instructions in how to use the material come in each booklet, but basically you use the right side of your brain - imitating and copying the sounds you hear and linking the spoken language to the situation or concept the translation has given you access to.
You are copying what other people say - and here are hundreds of phrases to copy.
Of course, you can also take the sentences apart using grammatical analysis and the left side of your brain and use the material as a complement to any method of study you are already using.

NB Relaunch of material. First released many years ago, this material has never been equalled and is being relaunched to benefit a new generation of learners. The quality of the recording and some of the phrases are therefore retro and the price reflects this.


Listen to the French sample...

Listen to the English sample...


Questions simples

Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Quoi encore?
Quoi de neuf?
Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez?
Quelle est votre excuse?
Que cherchez- vous?
Qu'est-il arrivé?
Que voulez-vous?
Qu'avez-vous dit?
Que suggérez-vous?
Qu'est-ce qu'il fabrique?
Qu'est-ce qui vous fait dire ça?
Que pensez-vous de cela?
Qu'est-ce que ça peut faire?
Qui a dit ça?
Qui vous l'a dit?
Lequel voulez-vous?
Où est-ce?
Où allez-vous?
Où l'avez-vous trouvé
Où puis-je le poser?
Où l'avez-vous acheté?
Où avez-vous eu ça?
Où avez-vous entendu ça?
Quand est-ce que ça s'est passé?
Quand partez-vous?
Quand les attendez-vous?
Quand est-ce que tout ceci est arrivé?
Quand l'avez-vous envoyé
Pourquoi avez-vous fait ça?
Pourquoi êtes-vous aussi en retard?
Pourquoi s'en faire?
Qu'est-ce que ça vaut?
Ce n'est pas vrai, n'est-ce pas?
Ça va, n'est-ce pas?
Est-ce que vous êtes d'accord?
Est-ce le meilleur endroit pour le mettre?
Cherchez-vous quelque chose?
Avez-vous perdu quelque chose?
Y arrivez-vous?
Puis-je vous aider?
Avez-vous reçu le message?
Est-ce que vous me permettez de me servir de votre téléphone?
Puis-je éteindre la lumière?
Je me demande où j'ai bien pu le mettre.
Je me demande où ils sont allés.
Pas d'objections?
Avez-vous quelque chose à me proposer?

Simple questions

1 What's that?
2 What is it now?
3 What news?
4 What about it?
5 What's your excuse?
6 What are you looking for?
7 What happened?
8 What do you want?
9 What did you say?
10 What do you suggest?
11 What's he up to?
12 What makes you say that
13 What do you think of that?
14 What difference does it make?
15 Who said so?
16 Who told you?
17 Who cares?
18 Which one?
19 Which one do you want?
20 Where is it?
21 Where are you going?
22 Where did you find it?
23 Where shall I put it?
24 Where did you buy it?
25 Where did you get that?
26 Where did you hear that?
27 When did it happen?
28 When are you leaving?
29 When do you expect them
30 When did all this happen?
31 When did you send it?
32 Why did you do that?
33 Why are you so late?
34 Why bother?
35 Is it any good?
36 It isn't true is it?
37 It's all right, isn't it?
38 Is it all right with you?
39 Is this the best place to put it?
40 Are you looking for something?
41 Have you lost anything?
42 Can you manage?
43 Can I help you?
44 Did you get the message?
45 Do you mind if I use your phone?
46 Shall I turn the light off?
47 I wonder where I put it?
48 I wonder where they've got to?
49 Any objections?
50 Any suggestions?