Hudl Blind Factory Reset


These instructions are for the Hudl 1



From off

Press and hold Power and Volume Up button at the same time.

After 12 seconds there is a brief flash of white Android print horizontally. Hold on.

After 18 seconds first System Recovery menu appears. Release any time from 20 to 30 seconds. Not tested further but no apparent further change of screen for longer holds.

5 clear presses of Volume Down button to get to 'wipe data/factory reset'

1 press of Power button to select.

Factory reset menu appears

7 presses of Volume Down button to reach 'Yes -- delete all user data'

1 press of Power button to select.

Fingers crossed!


If for some reason you suspect it is on (and therefore the Power+VolUp will not do anything) you need to turn it off.

So, longpress the Power button to bring up the Power off/Airplane Mode/Silent Mode menu

In landscape mode, 10cms from left edge of device (not screen) and 5cms down from top, will hit the Power off option.

In landscape mode, to confirm Power off, 12cms in from left and 7.2cms down will hit OK.

Shut down takes 20-30 seconds.